Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ask a pro: Reebok Global Instructor Jade Alexis

Jade Alexis is a spin, bootcamp and cross-training specialist out of New York City. She's one of 17 women in the Reebok Global Instructors Team aimed at giving women more options to make workouts fun.

I got a chance to send Jade a few questions to find out how her methods of training work. Check out some of her responses today and check back for more later on!

ASA: What kinds of exercising are involved in a boot camp session?

Jade: My boot camp training session includes a plethora of total body and body weight exercises and incorporates many sports conditioning drills. The exercises involved in the class included things such as running, hopping, jumping, push ups, squats, lunges, and speed ladder drills/agility.

We also do short sprints, slides and have the body move in different directions and at different speeds. Each session encompasses all; strength, cardiovascular and functional exercises.

ASA: How is boot camp training beneficial?

Jade: Beneficial because it motivates one to work hard and push to a state of mind over matter in which new limits can be reached - one can reach and feel a great sense of accomplishment. From a physical standpoint, you burn a ton of calories, build strength and develop cardiovascular endurance all while having fun!

ASA: What is the proper attire for boot camp training? Does Reebok offer specific boot camp gear?

Jade: Clothing that won't restrict movement. Really, whatever is comfortable. Reebok has several shoes, cross trainers that are appropriate for this type of class.

ASA: A lot of popular weight-loss television shows (Celebrity Fit Club, The Biggest Loser) rely on boot camp training, why do you think this is and what options do women have to mimic boot camp training on their own?

Jade: I suspect that these shows use boot camp training because it is fun or at least it can be! Its great for TV and when done well and incorporated with a good nutrition plan and sufficient rest then weight loss/results are guaranteed - that's great for these TV shows.

Several of these shows such as the biggest loser have workout videos that can allow women to mimic boot-camp workouts on their own. Taking a boxing class or a boot camp class and learning the moves and drills can give women some of the tools to be able practice "boot-camp" on their own at home.

ASA: What does cross training accomplish that a single track routine does not?

Jade: Over time a single track workout routine will likely get boring and the body will adapt to doing the same exercise over and over again. One will reach a point where the body no longer gets the same results from the same workout. Cross-training mixes things up so that the body is constantly challenged in different ways to avoid boredom, as well as engage more and different muscles and prevent the body from adapting which will ultimately help avoid a plateau in results.

ASA: You talked about keeping workouts fun, functional and fierce; can you explain this a bit more? How do you encourage fun, what workouts are most functional and why, and what is it to exercise fierce?

Jade: Fun! Exercise should be fun, we should smile and laugh and enjoy the exercise we are doing, it shouldn't be a dreadful experience. I encourage fun by encouraging people to participate in activities/sports/exercises that they enjoy doing - that's why boot-camp is fun, it takes pieces from different sports that many enjoy. Additionally, good, upbeat music, smiles, good positive energy and words also aid in creating a fun workout.

Functional! Involves doing movements that mimic our everyday activities so that we can become stronger and more efficient in our daily lives and/ or sports that we participate in

Fierce! Means to go hard! Give it all, 100 % and be intense.